Thin shavings of dried mackerel

Nature has blessed us with the perfect environment to produce high quality healthy products.
The Dashi made by Akimata Suisan uses the fish caught in and around Suruga Bay, the deepest ocean in Japan, and is processed and packed by the bay keeping freshness. Please enjoy the authentic flavor of our Dashi, neither additive nor condiment added.

Product Specifications
Product Name Thin shavings of dried mackerel
Contents Thin shavings of dried mackerel
Net Weight 500g
Best Before 6 months from the date of manufacture (See the package.)
How to Store Avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Refrigerated storage is recommended. ※Make sure to keep in the refrigerator once you open the package.
Ingredients mackerel
Product Description Enjoy the authentic and aromatic flavor of the Dashi from our thin shavings of dried mackerel. We make it from scratch using traditional techniques our ancestors have passed on from around 1700, and shave it the way many local chefs love. Use as toppings on any dishes you feel like such as steamed vegetables, salad, okonomiyaki, Udon, and so on.
Good match with any Japanese cousin especially miso-soup. To make Dashi, put 30 grams of thin shavings in a litter of boiled water in a pot, and simmer for one minute. Then, drain the broth in a strainer.
Country of Production Japan
Manufacturer Akimata Suisan ,ltd.
374-25 Tabi, Numazu-city, Shizuoka

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