A set of organic fertilizers: Dried fish dregs and wood ash

Nature has blessed us with the perfect environment to produce high quality healthy products.
The Dashi made by Akimata Suisan uses the fish caught in and around Suruga Bay, the deepest ocean in Japan, and is processed and packed by the bay keeping freshness. By-products by Akimata as well as the main products are all additive free and earth friendly.

Product Specifications
Product Name A set of organic fertilizers, “Dried fish dregs” and “Wood ash”
Contents Dried fish dregs, Wood ash
Net Weight Dried fish dregs: 2kg
Wood ash: 4kg
Chemical composition Dried fish dregs: nitrogen: 8.5%, Phosphate: 8.8%, potassium: 0.71%
Wood ash: nitrogen: 0.04%, Phosphate: 2.3%, potassium: 6.1%, pH: 13
Ingredients mackerel, Japanese broadleaf trees
Product Description Dried fish dregs: This organic fertilizer is made of heads and tails of mackerel, which are smoked and dried just as dried bonito is, having almost the same smell as it. The fertilizer helps plants grow big leaves and fruits, and make them nutritious and sweet. To use, sprinkle the fertilizer thinly over the soil and mix well two weeks before seeding. It also can be used for top-dressing.
Wood ash: This wood ash is made of Japanese broad leaved trees, which are used to smoke dried bonito. Petroleum derived fuel is never used during burning. The ash is passed through a sieve and has never touched fish directly, so it is powdery and doesn’t smell like fish. It can be used for a hearth, a brazier, indigo dyeing, pH adjustment, agriculture, and so on.
Country of Production Japan
Manufacturer Akimata Suisan ,ltd.
374-25 Tabi, Numazu-city, Shizuoka

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